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Post by MarkG » Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:42 am

Hello and Happy New Year

You have received this email as you are registered on the Berrylands Cycling Club website (even if you haven’t been out with us for ages) so can I apologise in advance for filling up your inbox or junk depending on where this got delivered.

As you may know our website has had a rather odd address for some time but that has now changed and the website can be found at our new home – http://www.berrylandscyclingclub.com in addition the website (or at least the forums) have traditionally been hosted on servers in my home. This has all been moved now to a proper hosting company. It will allow us to do a little more with the site in the future if we want to. Emails (like this one) will now be sent from admin@berrylandscyclingclub.com so you might want to add this address to your contact list to minimise the chance of it being trapped as spam. Emails about rides will be sent the same way.

Whilst writing it may be worth reminding you that the website only sends out new email for any particular discussion group if you have logged in and read any outstanding updates. This minimises the number of emails you will get but does have the effect of you not getting some emails you might want to see. The best solution is to login and flag all unread emails as “read”. You will then start getting updates again.

Finally, I am in the process of updating the ride calendar (the current one is out if date). If you are a regular rider I will put you down to lead a ride. Please switch with someone if you can’t do a date I have suggested.

Whilst we are a very relaxed club it is good to know who is leading the rides in advance rather than leaving it until the last minute to see if anyone is going to do it.

Weather permitting I will do this Saturday and I’ll post the details later this week.

That’s about it – hope to see you on Saturday.



PS I have put this email on the Announcements section of the forum as well so you may get it twice – sorry.

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