Richmond Park Road Works

Bought something new. Got a gadget we all want. Put the details up here so we can all take the piss.
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Richmond Park Road Works

Post by markf » Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:43 am

For you early morning park lappers - have copied following info off Wheelers forum:

This received from the Richmond Park Cyclists Group:


First, the good news - you are all going to get a brand new road surface in Richmond Park to ride your bikes on! The bad news, as you might guess, is that the necessary roadworks may disrupt your riding - although not too much, as all gates and roads should remain open.

The work begins today (Monday 3rd September) and is scheduled to last six weeks. Weekend cycling will not be impacted, except for the London Duathlon on Sunday 16th September (and good luck if you are taking part!). During the week, you will need to walk on the pavement, use pedestrian gates and wait for two-way traffic lights. From week three (around 17th September onwards), you may need to use the Tamsin trail or the pedestrian path between Richmond and Ham at times.

If the schedule changes or the Royal Parks give us any more information, we will let you know. Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates before our next monthly bulletin.
We also hope to have confirmation that any gravel used for the resurfacing will be higher quality than the type used in 2009, which was a widespread cause of punctures due to the sharpness of the small stones.

So without further ado, here is your handy guide to which parts of the park will be closed and when...

Week 1, Monday 3 to Sunday 9 September
Location: Kingston Gate and Kingston roundabout
From Monday: Park gates will be closed to cars. Cyclists can use pedestrian gates Wednesday to Friday.
Friday: Kingston Gate roundabout will have two-way traffic lights at all times. Cyclists can use pedestrian paths and gates.
Saturday and Sunday: All gates and roads open as usual.

Week 2, Monday 10 to Sunday 16 September
Location: Sheen Cross and road to Sheen Gate
Monday-Friday: Sheen gates, road and pedestrian, will remain open as usual. Two-way traffic lights will be in operation on road and Sheen Cross roundabout, so expect delays. Car park shut for resurfacing of drive. Road to White Lodge and Royal Ballet school will be closed, so staff and residents will drive via Pen Ponds.
Saturday: All gates and roads open.
Sunday: All road gates and roads closed for London Duathlon.

Week 3, Monday 17 to Sunday 23 September
Location: Roehampton Gate and roundabouts
Monday: Roehampton Gate will be closed for works in carriageway between the gate and the roundabout.
Friday: Two-way traffic lights at roundabout at times.
Saturday and Sunday: All gates and roads open as usual.

Weeks 4-6, Monday 24 September to Friday 13 October
Location: Richmond to Ham
Details to be confirmed. There will be works to Richmond Gate, Richmond Roundabout and the road between Richmond Gate and Ham Cross. Expect road closures and diversions for this stage of the programme. Roads will be open as usual at weekends.

Autumn 2018/Spring or Summer 2019
Location: Robin Hood Roundabout to Pen Ponds Car Park
Resurfacing. Dates and details to be confirmed.

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