Saturday 18th March 2017

If you organised a ride, or agreed to write a report on it please take a few moments to write a brief (or long) report,

We can then take our time to correct your memory of events and correct your grammar.
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Saturday 18th March 2017

Post by bestd » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:26 am

I promised 35 miles and to Mark G's dismay we ended up at 40. It had rained in the night but dry for ride at 7.15 am meet.

Route out to Esher, Cobham, Hungry Hill Lane and then Staples and Crocknorth to get the heart rate up. Fran had a moment in East Clandon - trying to alter heart rate on watch lost front wheel from under him and off on corner at start of hill (some say he may have been a little shocked at the hill). All ok though and off on route back through Leatherhead and then from there back at a furious pace (led by Matt who by now had warmed up from being at the back for first half of ride in his shorts!)

Dry roads, no punctures and ended up at new café in Surbiton close to Library. Nice for a change.

Riders out - Mark G, Contadaws, Fran'o'Wobble, O'Reilly, Matt and myself.

Good trip

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