Saturday 3rd November, Fran leading

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Saturday 3rd November, Fran leading

Post by Fran » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:21 pm

Without committed leader for this Saturday I steeped up with a flat route, just a couple of rather small climbs.

Lovely sunny day, the start around 5/6 degrees and expecting 9/10 degrees an hour later. Still some of us on summer bikes. We are on that part the year where we do not choose the days, rather the good days choose us for a pleasant ride, today was one of them.

Initial start time at 7am, ready to go at 7:10 after waiting for a preannounced late arrival from Stu (somehow the Ms did not fancy a run on the park today).

Despite Gareth trying to mislead the leader a couple of times, we manage to complete the suggested original route

For my surprise, a classic duathlon was running around BoxHill (BallBuster) where we managed to cheer Gaby on her first running leg. On the same event, Tim, always a gentleman, managed to assist a thirsty, nice-looking, lady runner. No exchange of phone numbers took place.

Davide had an "almost" accident on a very wet bend, but very graciously managed to hold on this bike and his dignity. In the end, 2:53 moving time, around 72Km. No mechanics or punctures

Seven of us coffee in our classic Wags N Tales, no Geoff in hurry to watch a Rugby match. We found Nick, his son and his hungry dog (Barry was very generous sharing his burrito).

Riders of the day: Spanish duo, JohnDavid, Stu (after last minute rush), Tim (new self-proclaimed king of mountain after a brief climb), Geoff, Gareth, Barry (with a twisted Chinese handbar).

Thanks for JohnDavid for first round of coffees, and Gareth for seconds.

Please note on the picture, Stu comment: "I think Barry should loosen his helmet in future"

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Re: Saturday 3rd November, Fran leading

Post by David14 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:14 pm

indeed an enjoyable morning.
Seeing the ballbuster riders charging up Box was fairly humbling.
Davide overcooking the corner was a close shave - the bike’s too light, that’s your problem. :D
Thanks For organising and leading

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Re: Saturday 3rd November, Fran leading

Post by bestd » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:36 pm

To be fair I can understand why we have a dearth of female members when I look at this.............

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Re: Saturday 3rd November, Fran leading

Post by StuB » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:10 pm

Thanks for waiting , very enjoyable ride especially liked being cheered by the spectators on box hill even if I wasn’t worthy,makes a nice change from the usual Saturday morning abuse I get at home!

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