Good Friday Ride 30th March

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Good Friday Ride 30th March

Post by Daws1866 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:52 am

Friday ride as away tonight.
Out were Fran , Geoff & Gareth

Out via Esher, reverse Ride 100 route to Leatherhead, up to the top passed Juniper, round to and down Box. Along the cycle path to Dorking.
Up Leith , down the route before the red phone box with the tools in it, back up the route to the Church.
Home via Whitedown.

Not bad for a ride made up on the hoof.

49.94m/ 80.36 km roughly, 1163m/ 3816 ft climbing, av speed 21.6 kph/ 13.3 mph, time 3h.43m.

No mechanicals other than a poorly seated tyre, slowed one of the riders to my speed on the descents.

Stayed dry until about 10.40 then we got wet for the last 25 minutes or so.

Thanks for the company and apologies I could not go for a coffee although I have earnt some brownie points with the Mrs as I made it to Steers.

Hope to see some out for next week as Guildford Lane route planned.



PS I weighed myself after the ride and realised I am exactly 1 stone heavier that the Unit after his gym session and thats before I start to indulge over Easter.

PPS I hope the weather sorts itself out for Saturdays riders.

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