Saturday 30th Dec - last ride of the year!

If you organised a ride, or agreed to write a report on it please take a few moments to write a brief (or long) report,

We can then take our time to correct your memory of events and correct your grammar.
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Saturday 30th Dec - last ride of the year!

Post by Tim13 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:44 pm

Very mild but also very windy.

Barry and I sheltered the other four for the majority of the ride (well the first part anyway). David (new old), Garth, Geoff and Mark F made up the pelleton.

40 miles all in, out to ewell and up to Epsom downs , tadworth and then down pebble hill, over into Betchhworth and Leigh, past lovely fields and quiet roads facilitating conversation (at speed obviously!), into Hombury and the back way into Dorking, up ranmore road, down hogdon road which required passing through a temporary ford (seriously), then cobham, esher, home. Stopped for coffee in Giro although Barry had to get home so cheaper coffee bill for me!

Thanks for company, Happy New Year All

Geoff - who in my opinion wins the award as the best new member in 2017 (no offence to everyone else) is treating his entire extended family to a curry themed celebration, Mark is transforming into Ozzy Osborne (photo please), and Barry is not really looking forward to five hours of being sober around a room full of drinkers! What ever you do have fun, see you in the new year, Tim

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