Saturday 8th June 2019

If you organised a ride, or agreed to write a report on it please take a few moments to write a brief (or long) report,

We can then take our time to correct your memory of events and correct your grammar.
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Saturday 8th June 2019

Post by bestd » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:30 am

6.45am start in rain meeting under trees on corner of King Charles Road.

Route of 50 miles planned but a few Garmin starting issues and strong wind and rain meant I decided to cut route short (only by about 2 miles in the end - opps!)

Went out fast route to Leatherhead via Chessington and OMG was it windy and wet on the front. Ouch.

Then fast to Dorking and up Coldharbour and down along another busy road and kind of reverse Pru 100 route with reverse Newlands. Then fast back to Giro for some breakfast and coffee. James on it today and pushed hard up hills for the Summer bike crew and great training ride up Newlands at 8%! Shame France is about 10 times longer!

Weather perked up a little and was dry for most of the route but there was a Summer v Winter bike challenge with those on winter bikes feeling the pain - not helped in Mark's case by a serious session on the sauce last night - certainly not in his usual form which was great as gave us all a break!

When we arrived at Giro lots of palava about Gareth's attire - somehow the plonkta managed to put his bib shorts on the wrong way round! I am sure we can get a shot up on this forum to remind him.

No mechanicals this ride which was amazing given the weather and roads!

Riders out - Mark G, Jimmy Jankers (riding in his wife's rain jacket!), Wozza, Gareth (with orange holiday permatan), Tim C, Sir John, and myself

Thanks Tim for tea!

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Re: Saturday 8th June 2019

Post by MarkG » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:50 am

I cannot say it was a great ride but it probably did me a favour being out. Only someone really nasty would put pictures on a public website of their friend wearing his bib shorts the wrong way round.

Thanks for the coffees Tim and Gareth.


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Re: Saturday 8th June 2019

Post by David14 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:29 pm

Very enjoyable outing, thanks David. I thought either the elements or the condition of a couple of riders (one being me), might cut the ride short but good that we did the miles.
Thanks for the coffees Tim and Gareth.
See you next week

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