Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

If you organised a ride, or agreed to write a report on it please take a few moments to write a brief (or long) report,

We can then take our time to correct your memory of events and correct your grammar.
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Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by Daws1866 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:34 pm

There first ride of December 2018.

Having posted a ride, I was having second thoughts due tot he weather. As others had posted to day they were up for it I felt obliged to turn up.

I turned up at 7.02, hopefully not the start of a return to the bad old days of poor time keeping to find the winter hard core element waiting, NOD & Geoff.

2h 46m , 61.8k/ 38.5m, 1427 ft/ 435 m climbing and average speed 13.9mph/ 22.3 kph ( could of been quicker but drafting was an issue due to spray and convert over breaking distances)

Out via Long Ditton ( mechanical ,re wire required to DI2 rear derailleur), Hinchleywood, to the top of Esher, and then the reverse Ride London route, at the bottom of Box Hill ( no other cyclist seen at this point), main road to Ashcoombe school and up Ranmore past the dump. The second climb of the day where NOD & Geoff had a bit of a wait at the top again ( feeling under powered today form some reason). Coming down the other way we saw our first cyclist of the day and realised like us he must be really committed or is that we should all be committed.
Back home via the normal route from the cross roads at Whitedown to Esher.

Coffee, 2 lots at Giro ( thanks Geoff & NOD) where we could of all sat on separate tables as only one or two other people in there when we arrive.

Conversations ranged from Brexit, Cybercrime ( we could done with input from James C) , Visualisation to motive one self to ride inn the rain, I personally use the technique of visualising a wet T-shirt competition and cycle clothing.

I had a smart Rapha rain jacket, pretty awesome keeping me relatively dry. NOD & Geoff may of been wearing jackets made out of tea bag
Castelli Sorpasso BIB tights also performed very well, kept me warm and moderately dryish.
Rapha Neoprene overshoes, a must, whilst feet not totally dry they did a pretty good job for 75% of the ride. Other Neoprene makes also available for inclement weather conditions.
Mid winter gloves, normally fantastic,bit in rain what can I say , they may as well of been made out of sponge material.
Lastly eye glasses, without windscreen wipers which they did not have I could not see a bloody thing, they had to be dispensed with near the start of the ride.
Everyone had mud guards , although we still all ended up with splattered.

Thanks again very much for the company and coffees.

It would be good, weather dependent to get a final ride of the year in, as with December now upon us there are not many weekends left.

PS Just in case I forgot to mention my BT internet email address is no longer.


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Re: Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by bestd » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:04 pm


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Re: Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by laverda1959 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:19 pm

Thanks for organising Gareth.!0.30 in Giros,not a single bike in racks and we were the only people in there.Thats how wet it was.P.B up ranmore just so i could get warm.

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Re: Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by David14 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:41 pm

A good ride, Gareth, and comprehensive report. We are the winter hard core - only biblical weather can stop us!!

It is good to see you take your leading duties seriously - especially the report writing, unlike some others.
Not only that but you also paint interesting mental pictures as we struggle to see where we are going - t-shirts was one, but I couldn’t get floating stools out of my mind for most of the ride.

Good fun and a real achievement in that weather - we must be tough guys. And then we get rewarded with a cafe to ourselves!!!! ( btw wags was packed out as I thought)

See you next week

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Re: Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by BarryT » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:50 pm

Top effort, was horrible out there on Saturday morning.

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Re: Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by Tim13 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:24 pm

Good work all

I hope to re join the winter hard core now I have pedals again!

Not around for next two weekends, so have to be out soon or will go mad

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Re: Wet Saturday 1st December Ride

Post by MarkG » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:40 pm

I hope to re join the winter hard core now I have pedals again!
However ........
Not around for next two weekends
Yup - thats hardcore (from someone who hasn't been out on a Saturday since September.

Saturday look promising though.



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