We have made the decision to move over to a more modern way of communicating using Discord. As a result, all of the forums have now been made read-only. Please click on this link https://discord.gg/XYJgnUs to open Discord in a browser. Mobile and desktop apps are also available which are really easy to use. These can be downloaded from the App stores.

We won't be sending out invites to the new server as it shouldn't be necessary. Just follow the link and create yourself as a user. Please use a name that will help us to recognise you. Nicknames are fine if that is one we all know but just initials are not ideal as that doesn't help.

Any problems let Dave B or Mark G know and we will try and sort it out.

We are now working on a new website which should be ready over the next couple of months.

Hope you enjoy the more collaborative approach. This should mean we need less WhatsApp Groups

Where me meet

We meet in Hollyfield Road by the Avondale gym.

This is a quiet, non-residential road so we don't disturb our neighbours. We normally wait around 5 minutes after the designated start time to wait for late comers (Gareth & Fran) although if we know you are coming we may wait a little longer.

If you get there early and there is nobody else around, don't worry too much - we don't tend to get there more than 5 minutes before the start.

You don't need to bring anything with you (apart from a bike/helmet of course!) but you should really have enough equipment with you to replace an inner tube if you get a puncture. So a spare inner tube, tyre leavers and a pump (or gas) is a good idea. Many of us carry spares but it is good to be as self sufficient as possible.

You might want to bring a couple of pounds with you to pay for a coffee when we finish as coffee is the most important part of the ride!