Where me meet

We meet in Hollyfield Road by the Avondale gym.

This is a quiet, non-residential road so we don't disturb our neighbours. We normally wait around 5 minutes after the designated start time to wait for late comers (Gareth & Fran) although if we know you are coming we may wait a little longer.

If you get there early and there is nobody else around, don't worry too much - we don't tend to get there more than 5 minutes before the start.

You don't need to bring anything with you (apart from a bike/helmet of course!) but you should really have enough equipment with you to replace an inner tube if you get a puncture. So a spare inner tube, tyre leavers and a pump (or gas) is a good idea. Many of us carry spares but it is good to be as self sufficient as possible.

You might want to bring a couple of pounds with you to pay for a coffee when we finish as coffee is the most important part of the ride!