About Us

Welcome to Berrylands Cycling Club

We are a friendly, social, non-competitive cycling club aimed at getting out at the weekend, usually ~7am Saturday morning so we can get home in good time to enjoy the weekends with our families and friends. We are a mixed bunch, some better than others, but however fast or slow you are there will always be someone better or worse (well maybe not better).
The distance we cycle varies but it is usually about 40 miles or so but we often go a bit further in the Spring and Summer when we can leave earlier. There is always someone up for a longer ride.

If you would like to join us for a ride out just take a look at the dates and times of our rides the events pages. Just turn up and make yourself known or feel free to get in touch via email (admin @ the same address of the website).

You will be very welcome.

You can browse any part of our website but you do need to register if you want to post comments or start new discussions.